Scandal Season 6 and 7 DVD

Scandal Season 6 and 7 DVD Release Date: August 28, 2018

Olivia Pope is a hard-working, no-nonsense owner of a high-powered Washington, D.C. crisis management firm. Olivia Pope & Associates does whatever it takes to clean up the scandalous messes of her private clients. While Olivia is on top of her game professionally, her private life is quite another matter. Olivia and President Grant, better known as Fitz, are having a hot and heavy affair. The President’s marriage to wife, Mellie, is an unhappy one. Olivia and Fitz are madly in love, but cannot realize their dream of being together without causing the end of both of their careers. Meanwhile, the wheels of dirty Washington politics never stops spinning around Olivia, her loyal team or the President and his inner circle. A scandal is always brewing.


Scandal Season 6 and 7 DVD-$60.00

Starring: Kerry WashingtonDarby StanchfieldTony GoldwynBellamy YoungJeff PerryKatie LowesScott FoleyJoshua MalinaGuillermo Diaz
Studio: ABC Studios