Street Sharks The Complete Series DVD

Street Sharks The Complete Series DVD Release Date: January 16, 2018

When the evil scientist, Dr. Paradigm, illegally experiments with untested DNA, four brothers are accidentally transformed into monstrous half shark – half humans! Delighted with the success of his genetic meltdown, the madman plans to turn all of humanity into sea creatures of his own design and control.

The Bolton brothers – John, Bobby, Coop, and Clint – must team up to stop Dr. Paradigm and his deadly Seaviates before they transform the citizens of Fission City into mutants with no free will. Prepare for a feeding frenzy as they kick some serious fin in this classic ’90s animated series.


Disc 1
Sharkbait Part 1
Sharksbite Part 2
Sharkstorm Part 3

Shark Quest
Lone Shark
Shark N’ Roll
Fresh Water Sharks
Shark Treatment
Road Sharks
Shark Fight
Sky Sharks
Shark of Steel
Shark Source

Disc 2
Jurassic Shark
Sir Shark-A-Lot
Shark to the Future
First Shark
Rebel Sharks
Space Sharks
A Shark Among Us
To Shark or Not to Shark
Eco Shark
Close Encounters of the Shark Kind
Satellite Sharks
Cave Sharks
Shark Wars

Disc 3
The Sharkfather
Shark Hunt
Card Sharks
Turbo Shark
20,000 Sharks Under the Sea
Ancient Sharkonauts
Sharkotic Reaction
Sand Sharks
Shark Quake
Super Shark
Jungle Sharks
Trojan Sharks
Shark-Apolypse Now!


Street Sharks The Complete Series DVD-$19.98

Studio: Mill Creek Entertainment