Suits Season 7 DVD

Suits Season 7 DVD Release Date: June 12, 2018

In a Harvard Law led society of success-driven sociopaths, Suits dives into the daily compromise of a lawyer’s morality, and the internal/external struggles that come with the territory. Harvey Specter is granted an associate due to his recent promotion as Senior Partner at a top firm in NYC, and while demanding a younger version of himself, Specter gets more than he had hoped for in boy-genius, but fraudulent Mike Ross. The two try to take over the world one case at a time, while constantly covering up a devastating secret: Ross did not attend law school and is practicing law illegally. The show intertwines romance, comedy, and suspense to develop plot lines that survive the weekly shift of case focuses.


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Starring: Gabriel MachtRick HoffmanSarah RaffertyPatrick J. AdamsMeghan MarkleGina Torres
Runtime: 705 minutes
Studio: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment