Sweet Virginia DVD

Sweet Virginia DVD Release Date: April 3, 2018

When an old rodeo star and a violent young man find that their fates have collided, a small town is rocked. In order to take a stand against evil, the former rodeo champion will need to analyze every aspect of his life and call upon all of his strength. With time rapidly closing in on him, it quickly becomes obvious that even his most fervent efforts may not be enough to stem the poison that has been unleashed.


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Starring: Jon BernthalChristopher AbbottImogen PootsRosemarie DeWittOdessa YoungJoseph Lyle TaylorJonathan TuckerGarry ChalkJared AbrahamsonGabrielle RoseMike DopudDarcy LaurieScott A. McgillivrayTherés AmeeVictoria Bidewell
Directed By: Jamie M. Dagg
Runtime: 93 minutes
Studio: Shout! Factory
MPAA Rating R