The Advocates DVD

The Advocates DVD Release Date: December 11, 2018

Following a Los Angeles theatrical release with sold-out shows, The Advocates, an intensely human and humanizing documentary that provides a sweeping look at the historic and current causes of L.A.’s unprecedented homeless crisis will be released on DVD & On Demand.

Director/Producer Rémi Kessler documented the work of three advocates as they strive to find supportive housing solutions for their clients in Los Angeles’ streets over the course of three years.

“Many Angelenos are very concerned with the homeless situation in Los Angeles which has reached a critical point,” says Director, Rémi Kessler. “During filming I saw everyone, from government to just regular folks like you and me getting together to try to find a solution. I hope The Advocates will help change our hearts and minds regarding what we can do as a community to help all those people sleeping in our streets.”

Over half a million people are homeless in the United States–25% of whom are in California. Amid public outcry over the ballooning homeless population in Los Angeles–nearly 54,000 people on any given night–three advocates with three different organizations show what the lost ideal of “care in the community” looks like amid a changing policy landscape.

Intensely human and humanizing, The Advocates provides a sweeping look at the historic and current causes of L. A’s unprecedented crises, largely due to defunded affordable housing. It goes behind the headlines with pragmatic stories of the transformative work that is possible when the right resources, funding, and compassion are applied.


The Advocates DVD-$19.95

The Advocates DVD

The Advocates DVD Trailer

Directed By: Rémi Kessler
Runtime: 87 minutes
Studio: Cinema Libre Studio
MPAA Rating Unrated