The Expanse Season Three DVD

The Expanse Season Three DVD Release Date: July 17, 2018

A brewing conflict between Earth and Mars has a conspiracy at its heart that could affect the future of humanity. A corporate security agent and the captain of an ice-transport ship begin to uncover clues that reveal this disturbing plot during their search for a mysterious heiress. They cross a solar system where the workers who toil to forge new worlds from barren planets are growing restless from misuse. As a diverse cast of characters struggle for survival, they become embroiled in the schemes of ambitious power brokers who will stoop to terrorist to advance their frightening agenda.



Bonus Features

.The Expanse, Season 3: Preview
.The Expanse, Season 3: Teasers
.The Expanse, Season 3: “United by War” Trailer
.The Expanse, Season 3: Behind the Scenes



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The Expanse Season Three DVD Trailer

Starring: Steven StraitCas AnvarDominique TipperWes ChathamShohreh AghdashlooFrankie Adams
Runtime: 564 minutes
Studio: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment