The Landing DVD

The Landing DVD Release Date: October 2, 2018

The Landing DVD

Indie leader Random Media and Rocket 66 Entertainment invite audiences to follow the investigation into the last U.S. moon mission – Apollo 18 – as The Landing, a riveting faux documentary that questions history in today’s world of ‘fake news,’ comes to DVD, VOD and Digital. The film’s home entertainment release follows an acclaimed film festival run that included winning the Audience Award at the celebrated Austin Film Festival (2017) and a 2018 theatrical run that continues (throughout 2018) in select markets.

The Landing’s fascinating story ostensibly revisits Apollo 18, more than 25 years after the mission’s controversial catastrophe that left two American astronauts dead and which marked the end of the U.S. moon missions. In reality, the film is the product of filmmakers David and Mark Dodson who created it first as a short and, years later, developed it into a full-length feature, with the benefit of having the same actors recreating their roles. The Landing is a unique blend of perceived fact, and fiction, that demonstrates just how easy it is to be fooled. It follows the feasible disaster and subsequent 20+ years of legal wrangling, as investigators take a disorienting look into what could easily be real… or is it?

An extraordinary work of filmmaking that, in today’s fake news environment, demonstrates how easy it is to fool the world, The Landing is so close to reality that determining whether it is real or not real provides a challenge to the viewer. The film made waves throughout the 2017 film festival circuit, perplexing audiences and dividing opinions on what is fact, what is fiction and whether there exists something in the middle.


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Starring: Cindy Lou AdkinsWarren FarinaDon HannahPage HannahArlene Hughes-MartinezJeff McVeyRobert PineJoe SantanielloCraig Stepp
Directed By: David Dodson Mark Dodson
Runtime: 83 minutes
Studio: Random Media
MPAA Rating Unrated