The Super DVD

The Super DVD Release Date: December 18, 2018

Whenever you think you’re alone, just remember that he’s always watching when The Super arrives on Blu-Ray (plus Digital), DVD, and Digital from Lionsgate. Starring Grammy Award nominee Val Kilmer, this taut, suspenseful thriller will have you looking over your shoulder…even when you’re home. Produced by the creator of TV’s “Law & Order” and “Chicago P.D.,” written by John J. McLaughlin (Black Swan), and directed by Stephan Rick.

Former cop Phil takes a job as a superintendent in a Manhattan apartment building. When a teen goes missing, along with several other tenants, Phil suspects a sadistic murderer may be roaming the eerie corridors and that his daughters’ lives are in danger. But whom can he trust when everybody around him has something to hide?

Bonus Features

.“He Has Your Keys: Making The Super” Featurette


The Super Blu-Ray-$21.99

The Super DVD-$19.98

The Super DVD

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Starring: Patrick John FluegerLouisa KrausePaul Ben-VictorYul VazquezMattea Marie ConfortiTaylor RichardsonAlex EssoeLuke EdwardsVal Kilmer
Directed By: Stephan Rick
Runtime: 90 minutes
Studio: Lionsgate Home Entertainment
MPAA Rating R