Thoroughbreds DVD

Thoroughbreds DVD Release Date: June 5, 2018

Childhood friends Lily (Anya Taylor-Joy) and Amanda (Olivia Cooke) reconnect in suburban Connecticut after years of growing apart. Lily is now a polished, upper-class teenager at a fancy boarding school; Amanda has turned into a sharp-witted outcast with an attitude. Though they seem at odds, the pair bonds over Lily’s contempt for her oppressive stepfather, and they begin to bring out one another’s most destructive tendencies. Their ambitions lead them to hire a local hustler and take matters into their own hands to set their lives straight.

Bonus Features

.Deleted Scenes
.The Look of Thoroughbreds
.Character Profiles


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Thoroughbreds DVD Trailer

Starring: Olivia CookeAnya Taylor-JoyAnton YelchinKaili VernoffPaul Sparks
Directed By: Cory Finley
Runtime: 92 minutes
Studio: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment
MPAA Rating R