To Dream DVD

To Dream DVD Release Date: November 20, 2018

Random Media proudly announces the Digital and DVD debut of To Dream, a coming of age drama about two self-destructive teenagers who won’t let anything come between their friendship and their ultimate plan.

Written and directed by Nicole Albarelli, To Dream is a story about friendship, full of hope and intimacy, set against a harsh inner city backdrop. Best friends, Luke (Ed Hayter) and Tommy (Freddie Thorp), live in an unforgiving part of London. They’ve known each other forever.  Having dropped out of school and still living at home, they’re dreaming about what’s coming next.

Their big plan has always been to escape London’s grime and head for an American paradise. It’s a dream that’s helped them escape the harsh realities of growing up in abusive homes and it’s a dream that cements their friendship. Tortured by flashbacks, family secrets and an abusive father, Luke desperately clings to a world that no longer seems to want him. Tommy is the only one who can pull Luke from his shell. Tommy walks a thin line between impish teenage rebellion and falling into a world of serious crime. The only thing stopping him from jumping feet first is his loyalty to Luke and their ultimate plan. When Tommy becomes increasingly threatened by Luke’s new girlfriend, Nikki (Diana Vickers), his dedication quickly turns to desperation.

After witnessing Luke receive another brutal beating from his dad, Tommy decides to fabricate a string of lies in a desperate attempt to protect Luke from harm and secure their childhood dream. But loyalty can be a dangerous thing when you aim for the horizon and drive with your eyes shut. So, in one final act of twisted fate, Tommy risks everything…to save the dream.


To Dream DVD-$19.99

To Dream DVD

Starring: Adam DeaconDiana VickersEd HayterFreddie Thorp
Directed By: Nicole Albarelli
Runtime: 85 minutes
Studio: Random Media
MPAA Rating Unrated