Unfriended Dark Web DVD

Unfriended Dark Web DVD Release Date: October 16, 2018

In the Unfriended Dark Web DVD, a teenager named Matias is visiting a cafe one day when he discovers a laptop in the Lost and Found. He brings it home to show his friends. While nosing through the hard drive, he discovers a hidden folder that connects him directly to the Dark Web. Matias ignores his friends’ pleas to stop and is soon immersed in the dangerous online world. Meanwhile, the laptop’s owner is intent on recovering the computer. Matias and his friends are no longer safe. The owner begins to pick them off… one by one.


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Unfriended Dark Web DVD

Unfriended Dark Web DVD Trailer

Starring: Colin WoodellBetty GabrielRebecca RittenhouseAndrew LeesConnor Del RioStephanie NoguerasSavira WindyaniChelsea AldenAlexa MansourBryan Adrian
Directed By: Stephen Susco
Runtime: 92 minutes
Studio: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment
MPAA Rating R