We The Animals DVD

We The Animals DVD Release Date: November 20, 2018

Us three. Us brothers. Us kings, inseparable.

Three boys tear through their rural New York hometown, in the midst of their young parents volatile love that makes and unmakes the family many times over. While Manny and Joel grow into versions of their loving and unpredictable father, Ma seeks to keep her youngest, Jonah, in the cocoon of home. More sensitive and conscious than his older siblings, Jonah increasingly embraces an imagined world all his own.

With a screenplay by Dan Kitrosser and Jeremiah Zagar based on the celebrated Justin Torres novel, We the Animals is a visceral coming-of-age story propelled by layered performances from its astounding cast including three talented, young first-time actors – and stunning animated sequences which bring Jonah’s torn inner world to life. Drawing from his documentary background, director Jeremiah Zagar creates an immersive portrait of working class family life and brotherhood.


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We The Animals DVD

We The Animals DVD Trailer

Starring: Evan RosadoRaul CastilloSheila VandJosiah SantiagoIsaiah Kristian
Directed By: Jeremiah Zagar
Runtime: 94 minutes
Studio: Passion River
MPAA Rating R