Western DVD

Western DVD Release Date: August 28, 2018

An intense, slow-burning thriller, Western follows a group of German construction workers installing a hydroelectric plant in remote rural Bulgaria. The foreign land awakens the men s sense of adventure, but tensions mount when, Meinhard, the strong, silent and newcomer to the group, starts mixing with the local villagers. The two sides speak different languages and share a troubled history. Can they learn to trust each other or is the stage being set for a showdown?




Bonus Features

.Interview with director Valeska Grisebach
.Theatrical Trailer
.Booklet featuring essay by Dennis Lim


Western Blu-Ray-$34.95

Western DVD-$29.95

Western DVD Trailer

Starring: Meinhard NeumannReinhardt WetrekSyuleyman Alilov LetifoVeneta FrangipovaViara BorisovaDetlef SchaichWaldemar Zang
Directed By: Valeska Grisebach
Runtime: 121 minutes
Studio: Cinema Guild
MPAA Rating Unrated