Brampton’s Own

Brampton’s Own Release Date: October 19, 2018

In the movie Brampton’s Own, after 12 years of withstanding the rigors of minor league baseball in hopes of making it to the big leagues, Dustin Kimmel has decided to call it a career and return to his small hometown where he was once a celebrated athlete. Dustin discovers much has changed since he’s last been back as he struggles to fit in. His old friends have started families, his ex-girlfriend is now engaged, his mom is selling his childhood home and moving in with her new boyfriend, and the only person who wants to hang out with Dustin is Gavin, a 40-year-old Brampton lifer who still wears his varsity football letterman jacket around town. Having neglected to prepare for life after baseball, Dustin’s trip home forces him to confront the very decisions that led to his current purposeless state.

Brampton's Own movie poster

Brampton’s Own Trailer

Starring: Rose McIverJean SmartScott PorterSpencer GrammerRiley VoelkelAlex RussellJohn GetzCarly HughesCarlin JamesMichael DonegerCarter HastingsMatt CorboyBryant WoodGregg DanielSteven M. Gagnon
Directed By: Michael Doneger
Runtime: 90 minutes
Studio: Dark Star Pictures
MPAA Rating Unrated