Devil’s Gate

Devil’s Gate Release Date: January 5, 2018

In the movie Devil’s Gate, when a woman and her son mysteriously vanish, FBI agent Daria Francis (Amanda Schull) is dispatched to the small town of Devil’s Gate, North Dakota to investigate the number one suspect: religious fanatic Jackson Pritchard (Milo Ventimiglia), husband and father of the missing persons.

But when Francis and local deputy Colt (Shawn Ashmore) arrive at Pritchard’s foreboding property, they discover much more than they bargained for lurking in the basement.

Unfolding over the course of 24 delirious hours, this head-spinning sci-fi creature feature hits viewers with a bonkers blitzkrieg of genre-bending twists and turns.

Shawn Ashmore (Conrad ‘Colt’ Salter) and Amanda Schull (FBI Special Agent Daria Francis) have both worked with actor Aaron Stanford. Shawn and Aaron appeared together in both the movies X-Men 2 and X-Men: Last Stand, playing Bobby Drake/Ice Man and John Allerdyce/Pyro respectively, while Amanda and Aaron appeared in the TV show “12 Monkeys:, playing Dr. Cassandra Railly and James Cole respectively.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada filled in for North Dakota during the filming of the movie Devil’s Gate.

Devil's Gate movie poster

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Devil's Gate still

Devil's Gate still

Devil's Gate still

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Starring: Milo Ventimiglia,Bridget Regan,Amanda Schull,Javier Botet,Jonathan Frakes,Shawn Ashmore,Adam Hurtig,Spencer Drever,Scott Johnson,Beverly Ndukwu,Jan Skene,Sarah Constible,Will Woytowich,Jean-François Ferland
Genres: HorrorSci-FiThriller
Directed By: Clay Staub
Runtime: 94 minutes
Studio: IFC Midnight
MPAA Rating Unrated

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  • Devil's Gate still
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