Middleground Release Date: May 18, 2018

In the movie Middleground, trapped in the hotel of her husband’s various business meetings, a woman finds herself adrift between lives when she is approached by a stranger with vivid memories of an affair with her that she can’t remember. She’s always sitting there with her husband. He’s always getting up to take a meeting. The other man always comes and sits, the stranger, who always insists on his account of their past affair, and every time he does, it’s more convincing.

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Starring: Rob CampbellMarisa RyanNoah HuntleyChris BeetemDaniel RaymontAdam DavenportFabrizio BrienzaAri BarkanAlisa KhazanovaAnna SuzukiBarbara KingsleyZachary Le VeyElizabeth MortonMichael KupiskCandice Gordon
Directed By: Alisa Khazanova
Runtime: 91 minutes
Studio: The Vladar Company
MPAA Rating Unrated

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  • Middleground still
  • Middleground movie poster
  • Middleground poster