The Grief of Others

The Grief of Others Release Date: November 2, 2018

In the movie The Grief of Others, the Ryries have suffered a loss: the death of a baby just fifty-seven hours after his birth. Without words to express their grief, the parents, John and Ricky, try to return to their previous lives. The couple’s children, ten-year-old Biscuit and thirteen-year-old Paul, responding to the unnamed tensions around them, begin to act out in exquisitely idiosyncratic ways. But as the family members scatter into private, isolating grief, an unexpected visitor arrives, and they find themselves growing more alert to the hurt, humor, warmth, and burdens of others—to the grief that is part of every human life but that also carries within it the power to draw us together.

The Grief of Others movie poster

The Grief of Others Trailer

Starring: Wendy MonizTrevor St. JohnRachel Dratch
Directed By: Patrick Wang
Runtime: 103 minutes
Studio: In the Family LLC
MPAA Rating Unrated