The Valley

The Valley Release Date: June 8, 2018

In the movie The Valley, ambitious and highly successful Indian-American entrepreneur Neal Kumar (Alyy Kahn) – with wife, Roopa (Suchitra Pillai), and daughters, Monica (Salma Kahn) and Maya (Agneeta Thacker) – reside in the high-octane culture that is Silicon Valley, where his affluent lifestyle and beautiful family appear idyllic from the exterior. When Maya tragically commits suicide during her freshman year at college, no one seems to know why.

With the family struggling to survive a culture in which relationships and human connection are almost impossible to maintain, Neal embarks on a frantic journey to uncover the truth about his daughter’s death.  When he doesn’t find answers at home, he travels to her campus to speak with the people who surrounded Maya in her final days.

As work and family unravel in the chaos, the fractured nature of his life begins to become apparent to him and everyone around him. When the elusive reasons are finally revealed – as well as the heartbreaking secrets kept by her and the rest of his family – is it too late for them all to come back together?

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Starring: Alyy KhanSuchitra PillaiJake T. AustinBarry Corbin
Directed By: Saila Kariat
Runtime: 95 minutes
Studio: Wavefront Pictures
MPAA Rating R

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