American Vandal Season 1 DVD

American Vandal Season 1 DVD Release Date: February 12, 2019

In the “American Vandal Season 1” DVD, an amateur documentarian at a high school, Peter Maldonado, decides to investigate crimes at different schools and create documentaries designed to expose what he feels is the truth about who committed the crimes. In his first documentary, someone vandalizes 27 vehicles in a high school parking lot by spraying them with orange line drawings of penises. The school board expels senior Dylan Maxwell after determining that he must be the culprit given his history of drawing phallic symbols on school property in the past. Peter believes strongly that Maxwell has been falsely accused and punished. In the second documentary, Peter, joined by friend Sam Ecklund, investigate a crime committed at a private Catholic high school where someone put laxatives in the school’s lemonade. In this case, the criminal promotes their act and even offers the public a villainous name.


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American Vandal Season 1 DVD

American Vandal Season 1 DVD Trailer

Starring: Griffin GluckTyler AlvarezLou WilsonJimmy TatroEduardo FrancoGabriela FresquezCamille Hyde
Runtime: 267 minutes
Studio: Paramount Home Entertainment