Astral DVD

Astral DVD Release Date: January 1, 2019

In the Astral DVD, feeling despondent after the loss of his mother, Alex uses his scientific savvy to connect with the spiritual realm. Astral projection, a mode of linking with a spatial dimension, is the route Alex pursues. As this otherworldly experience unfolds, Alex is met with unforeseen drawbacks. Shadow spirits, ill-intentioned agents attempting to enter Alex’s body, make for a harrowing journey. Along the way, Alex discovers just how dark his mother’s past was, subsequently realizing that evil invariably lurks in the shadows.




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Astral DVD

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Starring: Frank DillaneCatherine SteadmanVanessa GrasseDamson IdrisTrevor WhiteDarwin ShawMark AikenNed PorteousJuliet HowlandJennifer Brooke
Directed By: Chris Mul
Runtime: 83 minutes
Studio: Lionsgate Home Entertainment
MPAA Rating Unrated