AXL DVD Release Date: January 1, 2019

In the AXL DVD, a teen motocross enthusiast named Miles discovers an advanced military robot dog A.X.L. hiding in the desert after an experiment gone wrong. Miles manages to activate the dog’s advanced artificial intelligence owner-pairing technology and an unbreakable friendship forms between the two outcasts. The two friends will do anything to protect each other, including enlisting the help of the beautiful and enterprising Sara to take on the military scientists who will stop at nothing to get A.X.L. back.


AXL Blu-Ray Combo Pack-$44.95

AXL DVD-$36.95


AXL DVD Trailer

Starring: Alex NeustaedterBecky GLucy HaleThomas JaneTed McGinleyDorian KingiFred TatascioreChloe BridgesEric EtebariDominic Rains
Directed By: Oliver Daly
Runtime: 98 minutes
Studio: Global Road Entertainment
MPAA Rating PG