Bigger DVD

Bigger DVD Release Date: January 15, 2019

The Bigger DVD explores where did our obsession with weightlifting begin? One could make a strong argument that it began with the Weider brothers. Joe and Ben Weider come from nothing but take their passion for fitness and the physical ideal as fodder to ultimately launch a health-targeted empire (despite many setbacks, Anti-Semitism, and threats of violence along the way). Ultimately, they find a kindred spirit in none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, then an Austrian bodybuilder whose dedication to bodybuilding and what the brothers are trying to accomplish manages to link all of their fates together.


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Bigger DVD

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Starring: Tyler HoechlinAneurin BarnardColton HaynesJulianne HoughDJ QuallsVictoria JusticeKevin DurandSteve GuttenbergMax MartiniRobert Forster
Directed By: George Gallo
Runtime: 107 minutes
Studio: Freestyle Digital Media/Entertainment Studios
MPAA Rating PG-13