Frantz Fanon Black Skin, White Mask DVD

Frantz Fanon Black Skin, White Mask DVD Release Date: February 19, 2019

An innovative film biography, Frantz Fanon Black Skin, White Mask explores the preeminent theorist of the twentieth century anti-colonial movement, and a man whom Jean-Paul Sartre recognized as the figure “through whose voice the Third World finds and speaks for itself.”

Starring British actor Colin Salmon (“Arrow”, “Prime Suspect”, Tomorrow Never Dies) as Fanon, Frantz Fanon Black Skin, White Mask, from artist/filmmaker Isaac Julien and curator and producer Mark Nash (Documenta 11) undertakes an intellectual and poetic exploration of Fanon’s life, influence and legacy. Julien, the celebrated black British director of such provocative films as Looking for Langston and Young Soul Rebels, elegantly weaves together interviews with family members and friends, documentary footage, readings from Fanon’s work and dramatizations of crucial moments in the theorist’s life. And, cultural critics Stuart Hall and Françoise Verges position Fanon’s work in his own time and draw out its implications for our own, restoring the theorist to his rightful place at the center of contemporary discussions around post-colonial identity.

From his early years in Martinique (then a colony of France) to his professional life as a psychiatric doctor and revolutionary in Algeria during the bloody war of independence with France, the brief, though remarkable life of Fanon, the influential author of Black Skin, White Masks and The Wretched of the Earth, comes to rich life in this film being released to Blu-ray for the very first time in North American featuring a new 2K digital restoration.

Bonus Features
.Between Two Worlds by Mark Nash (1992, 27 minutes) — The story of a young man, Graham (Jason Durr), who is undergoing treatment by a Czech psychoanalyst, Dr. Ludwig
.Booklet with essays by filmmakers Isaac Julien and Mark Nash


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Frantz Fanon Black Skin, White Mask DVD

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Starring: Colin SalmonHalima DaoudNoirin Ni DubhgaillAmir M. KorangyAl NedjariRachida RahalAna RamalhoJohn Wilson
Directed By: Isaac Julien
Runtime: 72 minutes
Studio: Film Movement
MPAA Rating Unrated