Filibus (1915)

Filibus (1915) Release Date: October 25, 2019

The Italian movie Filibus is a feminist, steampunk, jewel thief, cross-dressing, aviatrix thriller, originally released in 1915 – over 100 years ago – that tells the story of skypirate Filibus who commits robberies from her airship, while a dedicated detective attempts to put a stop to it.

As all movies were until 1929, silent, and until 1939, in black and white, this is no exception.

Restored by Eye Filmmuseum and with a new score by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra, Milestone Films gives the film a worldwide theatrical re-release.

The Filibus (1915) Re-Release arrives in theaters in NYC beginning October 25, 2019 and expands worldwide soon thereafter.

Filibus Final Poster.Small

Filibus (1915) Trailer

Directed By: Mario Roncoroni
Runtime: 76 minutes
Studio: Milestone Films
MPAA Rating Unrated