One Cut of the Dead

One Cut of the Dead Release Date: September 13, 2019

The makers of a low budget zombie film called One Cut of the Dead are shooting at an abandoned water filtration plant. Director Higurashi (Takayuki Hamatsu) argues with his actors and eventually abandons them, but as his cast waits for him to return, a real zombie apocalypse begins much to the delight of the mad director, who insists that his camera operator continue filming, no matter what. But if you think you know what happens next, think again.

After a 37 minute single take, the film flashes back to one month earlier, where it is revealed that director Higurashi was approached by a zombie channel to create a TV episode of a zombie attack, using only one camera, without any stoppages to be broadcast live. The film then goes on to reveal all the problems that arose during the live filming, hilariously reexamining the initial single take film and all of the madness, mistakes, and ingenuity that were involved in successfully pulling it off.

One Cut of the Dead has received numerous awards and accolades, including the Audience Award and Best Director at Fantastic Fest, Best Film at Fantasia, Best Film at Bifan Fantastic Film Festival, Grand Prix at Vevey International Funny Film Festival, the Press Award at Morbido Film Festival, and Audience Awards at Imagine Film Festival, Panic Fest, Brussels International Film Festival, and Lees Film Festival.

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One Cut of the Dead Trailer

Starring: Takayuki HamatsuMaoHarumi ShuhamaYuzuki AkiyamaKazuaki NagayaManabu Hosoi.
Directed By: Shinichiro Ueda
Studio: Variance Films
MPAA Rating Unrated