Seberg Release Date: December 13, 2019

Kristen Stewart stars in the title role in the movie Seberg.

In the film, Jean Seberg clashes with the FBI as it attempts to discredit her through its Cointelpro program in retaliation for her support of the Black Panther Party. Those efforts included creating a false story in 1970 that the child Seberg was carrying was not fathered by her husband, but by a member of the Black Panther Party.

Anthony Mackie plays a civil rights activist and Jack O’Connell plays an FBI agent assigned to surveil the actress. Seberg acted in dozens of films including Saint Joan, Bonjour Tristesse, Breathless, and The Mouse That Roared. She died in 1979 in France, with authorities ruling her death a suicide.


Seberg Trailer

Starring: Kristen StewartZazie BeetzMargaret QualleyJack O'ConnellColm MeaneyAnthony MackieStephen RootVince Vaughn
Directed By: Benedict Andrews
Studio: Amazon Studios
MPAA Rating R