The Matrix 20th Anniversary

The Matrix 20th Anniversary Release Date: August 30, 2019

The Matrix 20th Anniversary, the rerelease of The Wachowski brothers’ (now, both women), 1999 sci-fi genre-changer, starring Keanu Reeves, arrives in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

The Matrix, which earned four technical Oscars in 2000, revolves around Neo (Keanu Reeves), a seemingly ordinary hacker who learns the harsh truths about his reality: the world as he knows it is just a computer simulation called the Matrix. In an apocalyptic future where humans are at war with robots, the Matrix is projected straight into humans’ minds as a distraction while their bodies are farmed by A.I. for energy.

Laurence Fishburne, Carrie Ann Moss, Hugo Weaving, Marcus Chong, Anthony Ray Parker and Joe Pantoliano also star.

The film earned $171,479,930 during its theatrical release in 1999. That would be $260 million adjusted for inflation.



The Matrix 20th Anniversary Trailer

Starring: Keanu ReevesHugo Weaving
Directed By: The Wachowski Brothers
Runtime: 136 minutes
Studio: Warner Bros.
MPAA Rating R