The Return of Martin Guerre

The Return of Martin Guerre Release Date: July 5, 2019

Originally released in 1982, The Return of Martin Guerre gets a theatrical rerelease and 4K restoration, courtesy of Cohen Media Group.

Set in 16th Century France, Martin Guerre – a young peasant – leaves his village in southwestern France to go to war and travel the world, leaving behind his wife Bertrande and infant son. 9 years later, Martin (Gerard Depardieu) returns home to reclaim his past life, telling tales of his time spent in the army. His wife and family eagerly welcome him home. But over time, rumors begin to cast doubt upon the man’s identity. When his family turns against him, Martin is put on trial, compelled to prove the authenticity of his identity.


The Return of Martin Guerre Trailer

Starring: Gérard DepardieuBernard-Pierre Donnadieu
Directed By: Daniel Vigne
Runtime: 123 minutes
Studio: Cohen Media Group
MPAA Rating Unrated