When Lambs Become Lions

When Lambs Become Lions Release Date: November 22, 2019

In the big screen documentary When Lambs Become Lions in the Kenyan bush, a small-time ivory dealer fights to stay on top while forces mobilize to destroy his trade. When he turns to his younger cousin, a conflicted wildlife ranger who hasn’t been paid in months, they both see a possible lifeline. The plummeting elephant population in Africa has captured the attention of the world, and as the government cracks down, both poachers and rangers face their own existential crises—what is the value of elephant life relative to human life? And can we understand these hunters who will risk death, arrest, and the moral outrage of the world to provide for their families?

Director Jon Kasbe followed the subjects of When Lambs Become Lions over a three-year period, gaining an extraordinary level of access and trust on both sides of the ideological and ethical spectrum as he became part of their everyday lives. The result is a rare and visually arresting look through the perspectives and motives of the people at the epicenter of the conservation divide.

When Lambs Become Lions

When Lambs Become Lions Trailer

Directed By: Jon Kasbe
Studio: Oscilloscope
MPAA Rating Unrated