Jose Release Date: January 31, 2020

Jose (Enrique Salanic) lives with his mother (Ana Cecilia Mota) in Guatemala City, where they survive on her selling sandwiches at bus stops and with him working at a local restaurant. In this poor and sometimes dangerous country dominated by conservative Catholic and Evangelical Christian religion, living as an openly gay man is hard for Jose to imagine. His mother has never had a husband, and as her youngest and favorite son, on the edge of manhood at 19-years old, she is determined to hold on to him.

Reserved and private, Jose fills his free moments playing with random hook ups arranged on his phone apps and meeting in clandestine sex houses. When he meets the attractive and gentle Luis (Manolo Herrera), a native of the rural Caribbean coast, an unexpected romance blooms with more emotion than Jose has ever felt. As he is thrust into new passion and pain he is pushed into never before self-reflection. Will his reluctance to take a leap of faith lead to happiness?


Jose Trailer

Starring: Enrique SalanicManolo HerreraAna Cecilia Mota
Directed By: Li Cheng
Studio: Outsider Pictures
MPAA Rating Unrated