Morbius Release Date: March 19, 2021

The movie Morbius is based on the antihero “Morbius the Living Vampire”.

Morbius is Dr. Michael Morbius (Jared Leto), a scientist who suffered from a rare blood disease and attempted to cure himself to disastrous results. Instead of being cured, he became afflicted with a condition that was a form of vampirism — the thirst for blood, along with fangs and super strength — and fought Spider-Man. Over time, however, he became a slightly heroic figure in his own right and even headlined his own comic book titles.

Jared Harris costars.

Originally scheduled for release on July 31, 2020, the film was put on the shelf due to Wuhan coronavirus and all movie theaters in the world being closed. Its new, tentative, release date is March 19, 2021.

Morbius 2020

Morbius Trailer

Starring: Jared LetoMatt SmithJared HarrisJ.K. Simmons
Directed By: Daniel Espinosa
Studio: Sony Pictures
MPAA Rating PG-13

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