Arachnophobia (2022)

Arachnophobia (2022) Release Date: TBA

Arachnophobia (2022)

Arachnophobia (2022) is a remake of the 1990 film of the same name.

The original Arachnophobia was directed by Frank Marshall, in what was also his directorial debut, and starred Jeff Daniels, John Goodman, Harley Jane Kozak, and Julian Sands. It was the first movie released by Disney’s Hollywood Pictures label.

The film revolved around a newly discovered Venezuelan spider being transported to a small American town and producing a new species of deadly spiders, which begin killing the town’s residents.

“Arachnophobia,” named after the fear of spiders and other arachnids such as scorpions, made use of Avondale spiders from New Zealand, which were picked due to their large size and harmless nature. The film took in a respectable $53 million at the domestic box office.

Studio: Universal Pictures
MPAA Rating PG-13