Bride Of Frankenstein (2022)

Bride Of Frankenstein (2022) Release Date: TBA

Bride Of Frankenstein (2022)

Bride Of Frankenstein (2022) is a remake of the 1935 horror film in which Dr. Frankenstein creates a companion for his re-animated “monster.”

Bill Condon, director of Gods & Monsters, Dreamgirls, Twilight and the 2017 Beauty And The Beast, directs this Bride remake.

Oscar winner Javier Bardem stars as Frankenstein’s Monster.

Bride Of Frankenstein (2022) is part of The Dark Universe, an expanded universe that will also include remakes of other classic monster movies. This will be the second film in the universe, following The Mummy (2017). Other films in development include The Invisible Man, Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Van Helsing.

Starring: Javier Bardem
Genres: Horror
Directed By: Bill Condon
Studio: Universal Pictures
MPAA Rating PG-13