Behind the Scenes Exclusives

By Tim Nasson

Tim Nasson, Publisher of Wild About Movies, brings you BEHIND THE SCENES of all movies in movie theaters. Included in our BEHIND THE SCENES coverage; celebrity interviews. These celebrity interviews include interviews with the cast of each movie listed below, and, most likely, the director, as well. Click on any link, below, to Go BEHIND THE SCENES of any theatrical movie from 2006 through present , and watch the movie trailers - and check out the movie posters, too!

Johnny English Reborn – BEHIND THE SCENES

BEHIND THE SCENES with Rowan Atkinson Between 1992 and 1997, comic actor Rowan Atkinson was featured in a series of popular British credit card commercials in which he played an accident-prone spy. It was at that time Atkinson had the idea to create a feature film based on the character from the advertisement. He took […]