Anne Morrow Lindbergh You’ll Have the Sky DVD

Anne Morrow Lindbergh You’ll Have the Sky DVD Release Date: July 25, 2017

“YOU’LL HAVE THE SKY” – The title comes from Anne’s mother’s reaction to the news that her daughter planned to marry the man who had just made history with his trans-Atlantic flight – is an evocative portrait of a woman whose life is a key to understanding the changing worlds of aviation, women, and celebrity in the 20th century. As Reeve Lindbergh (Under a Wing: A Memoir) explains in the documentary, her mother had an “extraordinary ability to explore private thoughts, feelings very openly and to share these with the public and yet to maintain her own individuality and her own sense of private dignity.”

As the film reveals, Anne Morrow Lindbergh was a woman ahead of her time, becoming a licensed pilot and radio operator so that she could join her husband on survey flights to chart commercial air routes but torn by the long stretches of time this kept her away from her infant son. Thrust into the spotlight, she craved the solitude of writing while living a great adventure. From the idyllic suburban life in Hopewell, New Jersey that was shattered by the kidnapping and murder of 18-month old Charles Jr., to the private life only the Long Barn estate in England allowed the couple after the sensational murder trial ended, to the serenity of time spent on the islands of Captiva in Florida and in North Haven, Maine that inspired her writing, “YOU’LL HAVE THE SKY” was filmed on location at the locales at the center of the Lindberghs’ whirlwind life. The film offers a private perspective on the headlines that dominated the time, and one of the most celebrated and misunderstood American love stories.

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