Glory DVD

Glory DVD Release Date: September 19, 2017

Frank Capra by way of Bulgaria, Glory, the third collaboration between directors  Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov (Jump, The Lesson) starts with a simple premise, but deepens into a portrait of a bureaucracy riven with cynicism, and a government happy to swallow its most idealistic citizens whole.
When Tsanko Petrov (Stefan Denolyubov), a stuttering, scraggle-bearded railroad linesman discovers millions of dollars on some rural train tracks, he decides to turn the entire amount over to the police.  The authorities, ever grateful, reward him with a televised ceremony and a new wristwatch.  But when the glitzy new watch stops working, Julia Staikova (Margita Gosheva), the workaholic PR head of the corrupt Ministry of Transport, can’t seem to find Petrov’s old watch, a family heirloom.  And, as Tsanko’s humble reality collides with a bureaucracy determined to use his “heroism” to distract the public from an emerging scandal, he desperately struggles to recover both his old watch and his dignity in this Capra-esque tale from the award-winning directors of The Lesson.
  • Bonus Short Film: Academy Award® Winner – Best Live Action Short HELIUM (directed by Anders Walter, Danish with English subtitles) – Hospital janitor Enzo weaves stories of a magical universe that bring solace and joy to a young, terminally ill patient, Alfred. 

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