Lego Nexo Knights Season 3 DVD

Lego Nexo Knights Season 3 DVD Release Date: September 12, 2017

The Nexo Knights have returned from their fight with Jestro and the Book of Monsters and peace has been restored to the Kingdom of Knighton, or so it seems. Merlock the Magician senses a great disturbance in the magical time-space aura, but the citizens of Knighton remain ignorant to any impending danger. With Jestro providing sub-par weather forecasts on the morning news and the Book destroyed, their safety is a given… isn’t it? But as history repeats itself, all is not safe. Monstrox returns in a new form – no longer the Book, but as the Cloud of Chaos with the ability to travel across the Kingdom of Knighton wreaking havoc and creating monsters from stone. With Jestro and his army of stone monsters at his side, Monstrox forces the Nexo Knights to rise to fight for their realm once more. Utilizing their new Nexo-Mech Suits and stronger Combo Powers, the Knights must fight to keep Monstrox from collecting the Forbidden Powers and using them to bring the Stone Colossus to life and destroying the kingdom. But a strain is put on the Knights when their leader, Clay, discovers he is turning to stone, just like one of The Cloud’s monsters. Who will Clay train to take his place in this dire time? Will this new leader continue to keep the Kingdom of Knighton safe from destruction?  Or will Monstrox and Jestro prevail? Discover whether good will conquer evil once again in Lego Nexo Knights – Season 3.

Lego Nexo Knights Season 3 DVD-$18.94

Studio: Warner Brothers Home Entertainment