Mussolini The Untold Story DVD

Mussolini The Untold Story DVD Release Date: October 17, 2017

The rise and fall of the Italian fascist dictator…He was powerful–arrogant–mesmerizing. He dreamed of a new Roman Empire–and himself as its new emperor. As Italy’s leader he was at first revered…then feared…and ultimately despised. But at the height of his power, the crowd would roar “Il Duce”–and the man who would step forward to receive the accolades was Benito Mussolini. But the head of the country was also the head of a family–a devoted husband, father and godfather. Now the story of that man–a gripping, original, seven-hour NBC miniseries starring superb actor George C. Scott, giving his most magnificent portrayal ever as the infamous dictator……Mussolini.

Mussolini The Untold Story DVD-$29.95

Mussolini The Untold Story DVD Trailer

Studio: VCI Entertainment