Paris The Great Saga DVD

Paris The Great Saga DVD Release Date: September 26, 2017

Paris, 5,000 years of History: an exclusive journey through time with breathtaking aerial images and 3D animated CGI combined with fictional reenactments. A story told through the events and by the people who shaped its destiny, highlighting a unique architectural heritage. Revisit Frances historical milestones as Paris became its capital city and watch how its urbanism developed, before your very eyes. The story of the City of Light unfolds as never seen before, providing the audience with a genuine immersive experience in this fascinating documentary.

This Set Also Includes: Paris A Capital Tale (Episodes 1-4)

  • Capital of Changes
  • Capital of Kings
  • Capital of Revolutions
  • Capital of Modernity

Paris The Great Saga DVD-$29.95

Studio: MHz Networks