Sony Pulls The Plug on The Crow Remake

May 30, 2018

The Crow 2019 poster

The remake of The Crow is back in the cage.

Star Jason Momoa said in an Instagram post Thursday, May 31, 2018 that the project has fallen apart, and shared a photo of himself with filmmaker Corin Hardy, who was to direct.

“I’ve waited 8 years to play this dream role. I love you @corinhardy and @sonypictures unfortunately I may have to wait 8 more. Not our team,” he wrote. “But I swear I will. James O’Barr sorry to let you down I won’t on the next. This film needs to be set free. And to the fans. Sorry. I can’t play anything but what this film deserves and it needs love. I’m ready when it’s right.”

The Crow 2019 movie Jason Momoa

Financial issues between producer Samuel Hadida and Sony, which was to have distributed the movie, are said to be the cause of the project’s demise.

Earlier this year, Sony set a release date of Oct. 11, 2019 for the project.

Alex Proyas, director of the 1994 original, had spoken out against the remake, describing it as disrespectful to the memory of fallen star Brandon Lee. The original film starred Lee as a man brought back from the dead in order to avenge the death of his girlfriend, as well as his own. The film became a cult hit, in part because Lee was killed in a tragic on-set accident during production.

The planned comic was said to be expected to be faithful to James O’Barr’s indie comic, first published in 1989.

In the remake of The Crow, Eric, a poetic guitarist, is brought back to life by a crow a year after he and his fiancé are murdered.

Sony Pulls The Plug on The Crow Remake.

Sony Pulls The Plug on The Crow Remake