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Spanning from Harding’s earliest days at the ice rink to the notorious “incident,” critics call I, Tonya “a hilariously tragic story of success so entertaining you can’t look away” (Eric Kohn, Indiewire). Presenting multiple, and at times contradictory, perspectives of the events, the film explores the ways public opinion can be permanently shaped by news agendas and tabloid culture.But beyond the headlines, I, Tonya tells a complex story of resilience and perseverance, as a rebellious working-class girl pursues her dream of competing in a “ladylike” sport, only to be caught up in controversy and criminal circumstances created by her involvement with those closest to her.

Based on the incredible true events, I, Tonya is a darkly comedic tale of American figure skater, Tonya Harding, and one of the most sensational scandals in sports history. Though Harding was the first American woman to complete a triple axel in competition, her legacy was forever defined by her association with the infamous attack on fellow Olympic competitor Nancy Kerrigan.

I, Tonya is nominated for 3 Oscars including Best Actress (Margot Robbie) and Best Supporting Actress (Alison Janney).

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I, Tonya DVD

I, Tonya DVD Giveaway