La Balda de Hugo Sanchez

La Balda de Hugo Sanchez Release Date: June 17, 2018

La Balda de Hugo Sanchez

In the Netflix original series “La Balda de Hugo Sanchez”, Hugo Sanchez receives his most important mission since he was named Chava Iglesias’ Personal Assistant: lead the “Cuervos” team to win the Tournament “Duel of the Birds” in Nicaragua. Hugo Sánchez takes off from the nest towards the adventure of a lifetime, but for that he’ll have to confront Luna, his mother, who wants him to return to the family caskets sale business. Hugo will not only have to prove his skills go beyond being Chava’s assistant but it will also be a journey into manhood.

The series is produced by Alazraki Entertainment. Created by Mark Alazraki, Moises Chiver and Gaz Alazraki. Mark Alazraki, Moises Chiver, Mehar Sethi and Gaz Alazraki serve as executive producers. The directors include Alvaro Curiel and Mark Alazraki. Screenwriters include: Mehar Sethi (as lead writer), Mark Alazraki, Conor Galvin, Dave Newberg, L.E. Correia and Jack Moore.

La Balda de Hugo Sanchez still

La Balda de Hugo Sanchez Trailer

Studio: Netflix