Requiem Release Date: March 23, 2018


A young woman investigates the historic disappearance of a girl from a small Welsh village, unraveling her own identity in the process.

Requiem is written by Kris Mrksa (episodes 1-4 and 6) and Blake Ayshford (episode 5). The series is directed by Mahalia Belo, produced by Susan Breen and executive produced by Willow Grylls, Elaine Pyke and Charlie Pattinson for New Pictures, Kris Mrksa and Christopher Aird for BBC.

Requiem Trailer

Starring: Lydia WilsonJames FrechevilleSian Reese-WilliamsBrendan CoyleJoel FryTara FitzgeraldRichard HarringtonSimon KunzJoanna ScanlanClaire RushbrookCharles DaleDylan DwyforClare CalbraithBrochan EvansDarren EvansPippa HaywoodIfan Huw DafyddEmmie ThompsonSam HazeldineOliver LansleyJane ThorneAnastasia HilleDaniel BakerRupert LazarusSonia Ritter
Studio: Netflix