A Good Dream

A Good Dream Release Date: May 29, 2018

The movie A Good Dream is a psychological thriller about a girl in her 20s trying to find herself in New York City. When she suddenly finds herself haunted by a presence, she has trouble distinguishing fiction from reality and falls deeper into a world of her perceptions.

Dreamy college student Uma has a unique connection to the world around her. She can sense people’s thoughts as she navigates the urban jungle of New York City. However, when she begins receiving a series of bizarre and threatening messages from a mysterious character, “Red Rabbit,” she loses track of what’s real and what isn’t.

As her sense of reality begins to distort into dark terror, Uma feels her world begin to close in on her. Her turbulent relationship with boyfriend Nico spirals her further, and Uma begins to suspect best friend Beatrice of betraying her as well.

No longer certain of how to identify the demons that pursue her, Uma spirals deeper into her own nightmares,  colorful with quirky, city characters, pounding electronic music, and her creative imagination. Uma ultimately finds that what is haunting her is not so far off from herself as she thinks.

A Good Dream Trailer

Starring: Melany BennettKarim SalehVictoria Atkin
Directed By: Mahum Jamal
Studio: Freestyle Digital Media/Entertainment Studios
MPAA Rating Unrated