Billy Boy

Billy Boy Release Date: June 15, 2018

Billy Forsetti (Blake Jenner) has grown up poor, desperate and angry. His best friend, Mikey (Grant Harvey), has taught him how to steal and fight his way through life. Add a couple of friends, and introduce the world of carjacking-amateurs seeking thrills and cash-it all leads to an intoxicating time. But when Mikey and Billy’s values collide over where to draw the line, Mikey explodes and Billy finds himself estranged and wanting to move on. Billy takes up with a beautiful girl (Melissa Benoist) and finds a more promising life. But when a carjacking goes wrong, his past becomes a shadow that darkens and threatens his future. Mistrust, jealousy and fear will chase Billy down a rabbit hole that might leave him no way out.

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Billy Boy still

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Starring: Blake JennerMelissa BenoistGrant HarveyMelissa BolonaAramis KnightJim BeaverGreg GermannAndre RoyoNick EversmanBrenda BakkeBlaine SaundersCole BernsteinJack FisherMarcus BrownBrad Hunt
Directed By: Bradley Buecker
Runtime: 90 minutes
Studio: Gravitas Ventures
MPAA Rating Unrated

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  • Billy Boy movie poster
  • Billy Boy poster
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  • Billy Boy still
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