Jacob’s Ladder (2019)

Jacob’s Ladder (2019) Release Date: July 25, 2019

In the movie Jacob’s Ladder, after the death of his brother in Afghanistan, Jacob Singer is finally getting his life back together. He has a beautiful wife, a new born child and a successful career as surgeon in a VA hospital. When a stranger approaches him and tells him that his brother is actually alive and living in an underground shelter with other homeless vets, Jacob’s life starts to unravel. He begins hallucinating, believes he is being followed by violent attackers and becomes paranoid about the truth of what really happened to his brother. When he discovers that his brother is alive and addicted to an experimental drug, he uncovers a secret he never could have been prepared for.

Jacob’s Ladder (2019) is a remake of the 1990 thriller starring Tim Robbins. That film, directed by Adrian Lyne, (Fatal Attraction), earned a paltry $26,118,851 at U.S. theaters during its release.

This remake, with an all black cast, is direct to Video On Demand.



Jacob’s Ladder (2019) Trailer

Starring: Jesse WilliamsGuy BurnetKarla SouzaJoseph SikoraMichael EalyNicole Beharie
Directed By: David M. Rosenthal
Studio: Vertical Entertainment
MPAA Rating R