Safe Place

Safe Place Release Date: TBA

In the movie Safe Place, Lori and her friends have their whole lives ahead of them. Or so they think.When art student Lori Hughes sells a piece at her first show, it seems to be the beginning of a promising career.

Better still, the purchaser, Chris Craven, is a wealthy eccentric who invites Lori and her friends back to his rustic lodge for a night of celebration and planning for the future. Unbeknownst to the friends, Chris’ homey fa├žade hides an inner torment-a rage against the world following a senseless tragedy that forever altered him.

As the evening wears on and memories of the past begin to consume him, Chris resolves to spare Lori and her friends the same suffering that he’s endured in his life-by ending theirs.

Safe Place Trailer

Starring: Ashley Mary Nunes,Genoveva Rossi,Lara Jean Mummert,Kinsey Krutzler,David E. McMahon,Alyson Ryskamp,James Robert Taylor,Kat Kemmet,John Gettier,Wes Imlay,Nathaniel Matos,Yvelisse Cedrez,Nick Graffeo
Genres: Horror
Directed By: Nick Hunt
Studio: TBD
MPAA Rating Unrated