The Sword In The Stone (2022)

The Sword In The Stone (2022) Release Date: TBA

The Sword In The Stone (2022) is the latest animated hit from Walt Disney that gets the live action treatment.

Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, perhaps best known for directing the zombie thriller 28 Weeks Later, is directing Disney’s live-action reimagining of the studio’s 1963 animated fantasy.

Bryan Cogman, a writer-producer on HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones, wrote the screenplay for the film.

The Sword In The Stone was the final movie released by the studio before Walt Disney’s death; it takes a lighthearted view of the legend of King Arthur, focusing on the young Arthur being mentored by the magician Merlin.

It was loosely based on T.H. White’s novel of the same name, which later became part of White’s multibook Arthurian fantasy, The Once and Future King.

Stone is the second Arthurian project the studio is developing as it’s also working on The Merlin Saga, with Ridley Scott circling the tale of the powerful wizard’s rise.

Check out the movie posters and movie trailer from the 1963 original, animated film. Stay tuned for updates, including casting news about the new film.

The film was intended to be one of the first to debut on Disney+, Disney’s streaming platform. The film got put on ice and is now tentatively scheduled to arrive in 2022.

The Sword In The Stone 2019 poster

The Sword In The Stone 2019 poster

Directed By: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Studio: Walt Disney Pictures
MPAA Rating PG

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