I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With

I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With Release Date: September 5, 2007

Jeff Garlin (co-star of HBO’s hit comedy, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”) wrote, directed and stars in “I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With,” a humorous look at a man in search of a soul mate. James (Jeff Garlin) is a frustrated and underappreciated Chicago actor who lives with his mother and has only really wanted three things in life: someone to love him, a great part, and to lose weight. Unfortunately, he is 0 for 3. His girlfriend dumps him, he loses the title role in a remake of Paddy Chayefsky’s Marty to teen idol Aaron Carter, and he sneaks out of an Overeaters Anonymous meeting only to wind up at an ice cream parlor. There, he meets Beth (Sarah Silverman) who quickly wins his heart but will this cause James more problems than it solves? Or has he finally found someone to eat cheese with?

Genres: ComedyRomance
Directed By: Jeff Garlin
Runtime: 80 minutes
Studio: IFC
MPAA Rating R