The Bubble

The Bubble Release Date: September 7, 2007

In “The Bubble,” three young Israelis, two guys and a girl, share an apartment in Tel Aviv’s hippest neighborhood. As they try to put aside political conflicts and focus on their lives and loves, these progressive 20-somethings are often accused of living in an escapist “bubble”. Among them are three young Israeli flat mates: headstrong Lulu, who works in a bath products boutique, flamboyant Yali, who manages a trendy café, and brooding music store clerk Noam, who spends his weekends serving in the National Guard at checkpoints. When Noam meets and falls in love with a young Palestinian man named Ashraf, the young Israelis decide to help Ashraf stay on in Tel Aviv illegally. They dress him in modern Israeli garb, give him a Hebrew name and put him to work in Yali’s café. They all decide to celebrate their peaceful coexistence at a beach party calling for an end to the occupation of Palestinian territories. But the young people’s utopia is shattered by the political and social realities of the Middle East.

Genres: ComedyDramaRomance
Directed By: Eytan Fox
Runtime: 117 minutes
Studio: Strand